I attended a Brainhavefun workshop after attending classes for just about a year. I walked away excited that I picked up skills and approaches in advancing my meditative practices to further increase mental focus, energy, reducing stress and overall well-being that was tailored just to me. Even if you are beginner, it’s still worth attending a workshop to fast track anyone's development.
- George Bird (IT Director, May 2017)

Last Sunday I went to a meditation workshop "Chakra and Brainhavefun". 
The mind has a mind of its own and I am determinate to guide it the best I can! Thank you.             - Dora

I feel peaceful, powerful and joyful after this experience.
I look forward to sharing my energy with my family and practicing being my soul. Thank you so much!        - Angela

These intensive training always help me to come back to my soulful self.
​       - Jong Y.

Brainhavefun©  is a program/workshop to guide people to the ultimate freedom and happiness.


When: Ask us.

Price: $295 (Level I)

To reserve your spot call or e-mail us 

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Our goal is to guide people to the ultimate freedom and happiness.