Our goal is to guide people to the ultimate freedom and happiness.

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Introductory One on One session (30min) to find the causes and get better

      It is very natural to want to exercise, to meditate, to get better and to be happier. However, there are hidden hurdles and blockages in achieving any individuals' goals. Ignorance towards the causes can be fatal sometimes in every aspects of human life.  Different levels of skill call for higher levels of expertise to find the methods to practice as well, especially when any individuals experience a plateau in their personal and professional development. Individuals are viewed as unique, therefore two people with the same symptoms/situations may be treated differently.

Improving your health and happiness can begin from this session today. ($125)

Grand Master's Healing Camp (small group)

ZEN Tai-Chi 

Grand Master's Soul Tai-Chi Camp

Long-term and special memberships are available.

Private Healing Sessions are available. 

Private sessions can be scheduled at your convenience. 

Group Classes 

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‚ÄčIntroductory 1 group class ($20) 

10 ZEN Tai Chi Pass: $295(4 month expiry)    

  • From beginners to advanced level
  • Creating Energetic Movements
  • Enhancing Mind-Body Balance
  • Increasing Mindful Awareness and Activities

Private Sessions‚Äč

241 North Ave W.
Westfield NJ 07090

10 ZEN Meditation & Yoga Class: $195(3 month expiry, Original Price $295)

  • Stay motivated and inspired
  • Relief of anxiety
  • Prevention
  • Release stress
  • Natural pain relief
  • Greater sense of emotional wellness
  • Coping with stressful situations becomes easier
  • Enhanced personal & professional insight
  • Enhanced creativity and problem solving
  • Improve physical ailments
  • Strengthen joints and muscles
  • Improved immune system
  • Correct imbalances