Private 1 hour session with a Master

Exercise for strengthening mind, body and soul, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, Healing, Private and Group Sessions for Children, Teens, Adults.

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Class Schedule

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  • All potential participants should first take a 30 min private session     
  • Fee: $145
  • A $45 discount is applied to future group class membership options available   
  • College full-time student discounts also available

Kids  small group class 

Mondays 4:30pm,  Ages 8-13, Call us for more info.

    Kids Taichi : Fridays 7pm

241 North Ave W.
Westfield NJ 07090

Ready to meditate with us?  How you start matters.

     Open Heart Healing with Lisa Bento

Lisa Bento is a Coach by trade and a 10 year dedicated student of healing and meditation with the Grandmaster and founder of Harmony Meditation. Think BIGGER Coach course participants are encouraged to seek Open Heart Healing sessions for deeper understanding and experience with healing and coaching procedures.

(1hr session-$120)

​​ZEN  Tai-Chi/Qigong

  1. What is ZEN Tai-Chi?   > Soulful and mindful training
  2. For whom?    > Beginners to advanced level
  3. What is the goal?  > Boosting energy 1,000% & becoming mindful
  4. Why is it special?   > Enhances mind-body-soul rewiring​
  5. What are the benefits?   > General benefits, meditation & beyond 
  6. 10 Class package: $295      
  • 7 week (7 sessions), 1hr 30 min /session
  • Sundays 9:30am - 11:00am 
  • NEW SEASON starts : JAN 20, 2019
  • $595 / person

Grand Master's Soul Tai-Chi Camp


        This first session provides an in-depth introduction and one-on-one communication about where you should focus during meditation and what the natural progression of the process should be like for you. You have individual needs and desires that brought you to seek a meditation or healing practice. Through practicing Harmony Meditation, results will come, but first it is necessary for you to understand how Harmony Meditation works and what specifics you should carry out moving forward, to precisely address your concerns and needs.  You need to know what you are really practicing first and this is your personal time to find out all you want to know about it.

Included in this session:

  • Welcome and orientation
  • One-on-one guided meditation with a Master
  • Introduction to healing energy and where to focus during meditation
  • Healing experience
  • Q&A opportunities

Next step:

Join a group class for further practice ($45 discount applied once prerequisite private session is completed) See classes and fees tab on website for group class membership options, associated fees and schedule.

Healing Meditation Group Class

  • Be a soulful and mindful being
  • Stretching, energizing relaxation, and brightening meditation
  • Experience de-stressing, deep relaxation, peace of mind and enhanced awareness by the end of each class
  • Promote lasting effects on your overall health and well-being, as well as personal and professional growth with regular attendance
  • Complement and prolong beneficial effects of private sessions
  • 10 Class package: $295