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Buddhas' Fun  Reloaded CD

 1. Introduction To A New Goal  
2. Mind Flows               
3. Your Mind Is With You Always
4. Mind and Body In Peace    
5. Thought Clarifying Reflection      
6. For Those Who Cannot Rest
7. Letting Go
8. Calming Is Not Good Enough
9. What About The Bottom Consciousness 
10. Relax Beginners   
11. Let Me Help You Relax
12. You Are The One
13. Soul To Soul 
14. Spiritual Cause and Effect
15. You Are Great 
16. GoongGoong    

Buddhas' Fun Karma: A revolutionary collection of meditation techniques for the spiritual seeker to become a modern Buddha

Buddhas' Fun  CD

  1. Enlightened 10 Minute
  2. Take It Easy
  3. Breakup Meditation
  4. A Way of Dragon
  5. Buddhas' Fun

Buddhas' Fun The Way of ZEN CD

1. Breathe Healthier 1
2. Breathe Healthier 2
3. Looking Up The    Mind
4. The Way of ZEN 1
5. The Way of ZEN 2
6. The Way of ZEN 3   

Buddhas' Fun : A Harmony Meditation CD Integration Not Separation Of Mind, Body, and Spirit Of Releasing and Accumulating

Buddhas' Fun The Way of ZEN: A new way of Zen that enables anyone to feel better, to get better, to live their life better and to realize their Buddha nature

Buddhas' Fun Revolution: A revolutionary guide that elevates meditation technique itself to the next evolutionary stage

Our goal is to guide people to the ultimate freedom and happiness.

Buddhas' Fun CDs

Buddha’s Fun Healing is dedicated to and was recorded in a collaborative effort between Dr. Anke Klippel, a cancer researcher, and Grandmaster Choi for people dealing with a challenging health prognosis, such as a debilitating or life threatening disease.

Buddhas' Fun   Karma CD

 1. Using Mind  
2. The Secret of Human Mind
3. The Power of Human Mind
4. Knowledge and Happiness
5. Relationships and Memory
6. Removing Memory 
7. Soul Evolutionizing
8. Free From Tomorrows 
9. The Revolution To Be Better 
10. Living Free From Time
11. Breakup Meditation    
12. Looking Up The Mind
13. GoongGoong      

Buddhas' Fun Healing CD

1. The Elephant
2. What Do I Do Now
3. Nothing More Than A Soul
4. Life Around Me
5. Things Happen
6. Part As A Whole
7. You Are The Hope
8. The Revolution To Feel Better
9. The Revolution To Get Better
10. The Revolution To Be Better
11. The Secret Of Human Mind   

Buddhas' Fun Healing: Guided meditation intended for supporting seriously ill patients in their quest for comfort and for the soul to arise

Guided meditation at its best! Simply flow along and enjoy the experience; it will vary every single time! Beginners will gradually be able to have a deeper meditation experience and experience higher states of awareness.

Let thoughts move into the background and Mind take over. Let worries, let excitements pass, let the you fade, be nothing. To just Be. Be there.

Experienced spiritual seekers will meditate about the fundamental questions embedded in Grandmaster Choi’s instructions for growing their consciousness and propel their spiritual development.

To have fun like Buddhas Do!

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Buddhas' Fun  RevolutionCD

1. You Want To Sleep Better 
2. Improving Yourself       
3. Why To Grow              
4. The Cause and Effect    
5. You Are Joy                  
6. The Revolution To Feel Better
7. The Revolution To Get Better
8. The Revolution To Be Better
9. What Are We Breathing
10. To The Completion Of Soul
11. Introduction To A New  Goal    

Buddhas' Fun Reloaded: Real life applicable meditation sessions for anyone who wants to be inspired and inspire

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