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HawnDo CD

Toward Meaningful Living, 

So What Exists Can Flourish

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HwanDo : The Harmony Story:

Hwando, a spiritual novel written by Grandmaster Choi is a personal account spanning various phases of spiritual growth and completion organized into short stories. The book features the intricate relationship between mind, the brain and the path of life, which determines how our life in all its facets unfolds.

Hwando will appeal to the experienced spiritually and philosophically interested in their pursuit of answering fundamental questions of human existence and finding the driving force behind. Interested beginners can also benefit and accelerate their development by approaching the material openly and free of intellectual strings, by simply enjoying the reading and letting the material seep into mind and consciousness.

Our goal is to guide people to the ultimate freedom and happiness.

Guided meditation at its best! Simply flow along and enjoy the experience; it will vary every single time! Beginners will gradually be able to have a deeper meditation experience and experience higher states of awareness.

Let thoughts move into the background and Mind take over. Let worries, let excitements pass, let the you fade, be nothing. To just Be. Be there.

Experienced spiritual seekers will meditate about the fundamental questions embedded in Grandmaster Choi’s instructions for growing their consciousness and propel their spiritual development.

To have fun like Buddhas Do!

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Books in Korean

The Hwando CD provides easy access to meditation guided by an acclaimed teacher and spiritual guide, Grandmaster Johwa Choi. Practitioners gain insight into various facets of meditation and the experience of increased awareness. With practice the effects percolate into everyday life on the physical, mental and spiritual level for personal growth and spiritual fulfillment.

The only thing that beats this guided meditation CD is to experience a meditation session by Grandmaster Choi firsthand in person.

It helps you achieve what you want.

Harmony Meditation: From Well-Being to Well-Dying:   A new way to completion

Book and Audio-CD (set of 3). Also available in German and soon in Spanish

Harmony Meditation provides both beginners and more advanced levels with unique practical and theoretical insight into meditation and spiritual development. Grandmaster Choi demonstrates that pursuit of spiritual growth is a natural human aspiration and actually essential for managing everyday life and its challenges well; it enriches every aspect of human existence from better living to better dying. Harmony Meditation as book and CDs are entertaining and allow for easy access to meditation techniques with many practical examples. Beginners will experience increasing insights as they keep revisiting the pages. Select chapters that go deeper into the stages of human consciousness and spiritual completion may initially appeal more to advanced practitioners; nevertheless, beginners will gradually gain access through continuous practice and by experiencing the results

Meditation – finally made fun!

Buddhas' Fun  CD

  1. Enlightened 10 Minute
  2. Take It Easy
  3. Breakup Meditation
  4. A Way of Dragon
  5. Buddhas' Fun

Enlightenment Made-Accessible

Have you ever wondered whether enlightenment is for you or did you think of it as a rather vaguely defined virtue accessible to only a few select insiders?

Think again!

Grandmaster Johwa Choi has created Brainhavefun© and ZEN Method™, a series of practical approaches with everyday applicability, and described them in a series of books and CDs for beginners as well as more advanced spiritual levels.

Experience firsthand from an enlightened teacher, author and spiritual leader how to incorporate spiritual growth and practice in your daily life for your own and the benefit of everybody around you. Grandmaster Choi explains convincingly how spiritual completion is engrained into our fabric and so we naturally strive for improvement in one way or another. He describes the context and reality of this so human desire with his own special sense of humor and sensibility for human weaknesses and channels it into everyday applicability – accessible for each and every one of us.