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​​I talked to my teacher about the great responsibility that comes with parenting.  I asked him questions for discussion, such as:

How should we raise our children to give them the best possible start in their lives?

How should we fulfill our role as parents so as to lay a strong foundation for our children: in which they will develop from to cultivate emotional and spiritual well-being and be able to foster meaningful relationships and professions?

Learning from ZEN talk

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Recently I read an interesting article by Dr. Edo Shonin “Can a Person Attain Enlightenment Just by Practicing Mindfulness?” and had a conversation with my teacher and mentor.
He indicated that this article makes an important effort in bringing attention to the concepts of enlightenment and Buddhism to a broader audience. While Dr. Shonin and his co-author Van Gordon should be recognized for their honorable intention to educate the general public, some aspects in the article may require further clarification to avoid any misunderstanding. My teacher highlighted the following three points in particular: .

Private Sessions

      After a one on one session you will understand step by step the stages necessary to achieve a deep meditative state. You will also be guided with strategies and techniques tailored to your personal condition, such as: relieving pain, dealing with medical issues, and a need to release anxiety, depression and stress.

     It is very natural to want to meditate, it is NOT however, easy.  Different levels of skill call for higher levels of expertise, especially when a practitioner experiences a plateau. If you're curious or tried in the past and wished you had more guidance, then this is for you.

Parenting and becoming Human: “To parent well, one has to gain an understanding of what ‘human’ really is… and even then, knowing it and doing it well are not automatic.” – Johwa Choi

Group Classes of Meditation & yoga


  • It is a combination of Yoga Stretching, Energizing Relaxation, and Brightening Mediation.
  • Experience meditation through physical, mental and spiritual integration together with others.
  • Experience de-stressing, deep relaxation, peace of mind and enhanced awareness at the end of each class.
  • Regular attendance promotes a lasting effects on your overall health and wellbeing, your personal and professional life.
  • The meditation class complements and prolongs the beneficial effect of private one-and-one sessions.

Hwando : The Harmony Story

Harmony Meditation


Can a Person Attain Enlightenment Just by Practicing Mindfulness? – a commentary

It's not you

who is not good enough, it's the method!

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Harmony Meditation unites Guided Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi in class format, as well as private instruction. Our goal is to help you integrate mind, body and soul to achieve the kind of harmony that frees you from stress, anxiety and doubt about who you are and who you can be.  Join our family to experience the benefits of a fitter, healthier body and a brighter mind. 
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