Our goal is to guide people to the ultimate freedom and happiness.

Give the gift of life balance

What is the difference between mind and thoughts?

  • Strengthen family bonds
  • Refine relationships
  • Earn more respect professionally and personally
  • Increase confidence​​ 

​​Spiritual Counseling / Life coaching       

  • Improve communication
  • Gain wisdom for problem solving
  • Use spirituality in daily living

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First time?

1.   No problem.

2.   Start from a One-on-One session.

3.   Get an assessment and practice to improve.

4.   Join group classes whenever you are ready. ​​

1. Mindfulness for Kids/Young Adults
(Brain is the key.)

2. Tai Chi/Qigong
(Exercise for strengthening mind, body and soul)

3. Breathing Meditation and Mindfulness
(For Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, and Stress Relief)

4. Meditation for Leadership Skills
(Think BIGGER and DO it now.  Inspire and Cooperate for Success.)

5. Energy Healing for Kids/Young Adults
(Because knowing the path is different from walking the path.)

6. Koan Meditation
(Guided Koan practice with Grandmaster Choi)
7. Spiritual Training and Counseling Services and Training
(“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” - Albert Einstein)

Exercise for strengthening mind, body and soul, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, Healing, Private and Group Sessions for Children, Teens, Adults.

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Harmony Meditation One-on-One session offers

  • Improve physical ailments
  • Correct imbalances
  • Rest deeper
  • Strengthen joints and muscles
  • Prevention

You have thoughts, thinking and emotions. You have relationships with yourself and with others. These things that you have interact. They seek balance. That's where we come in. At Harmony Meditation we provide healing for just that. It's a recalibration we guide you to in a single session.

You also have spiritual identity. Spiritual identity is the difference that makes us human and it is our specialty. We provide coaching for what it means to be enlightened and how to pursue the power of enlightenment in your daily living. Physically, individual life is happy here. Evolution makes your individual life complete.

 Private Sessions

 for Children, Teens, and Adults

  • Stay motivated and inspired
  • Stick to your plan
  • Break a habit
  • Snap out of a slump
  • Release stress and anxiety

If you have questions about the Gift Certificate, please contact us, call 908-232-2377.

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